What Is Internet Marketing? Definition And Meaning

The Many Types Of Marketing

Looking for online marketing campaign goal and objective examples and ideas? Internet marketing is process or the way of marketing going on internetIt is a collaboration of all internet related marketing activities, it actually includes every thing right from search engine marketing and optimization,to affiliate marketing and banner advertising, E mail newsletter marketing etc.Website analysis,perfomance tracking and customer relations are all considered to be parts of the umbrella head internet marketing.

Quite often marketing efforts fail when the organization developed the product/service first, then tried to convince it’s customer to buy it. One of the greatest marketing flops of all time was when the Coca-Cola Company decided to change it’s formula in 1985 and introduced it as New Coke.” It was a disaster.

A website designer could sell a logo, a stylist could offer a wardrobe review, a massage therapist could offer an organic stress release lotion, a pool cleaning company could offer a DIY chlorine check, an accountant could offer a tax time checklist, a business lawyer could offer a contract template pack… these are all items they would use with you anyway should you upgrade” to their main product or service.

Most prospects will enter this stage after identifying Norman’s company as a possible alternative and completing the information search process described in Stage 2. However, some customers might be introduced to his brand after completing Stage 2 with his competitors, as in the case of an industry blog running a comparison chart of the different competitors in his space.

The Internet provides opportunities and challenges for the four Ps of marketing (price, promotion, product, and place) by being an unpredictable distribution channel, a powerful marketing communication and promotional tool, an effective marketing research tool, and an efficient tool for segmenting and targeting consumers and customers (Lemoine, 1999).

Professor Hanson created the first Stanford Graduate School of Business Internet marketing class in 1996 (one of the first in the world and repeated many times), pioneered an online version of the class in 2000, teaches a course on the economics of the Internet, and is developing a class in the use of online tools for policy analysis and persuasion.

Brick Marketing, a search engine optimization company, provides a comprehensive approach to white hat SEO marketing, including SEO strategy, competitive website SEO analysis, SEO keyword research, on-site optimization, technical SEO implementation, white hat link-building strategy, content marketing and social media marketing management.

However, with internet marketing services, which we define as a software application with an online portal and tools to help you with all aspects of advertising on the web – search-engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email and social-media marketing – you open up your business to an entirely new world of potential customers.

James E. Stephens
James E. Stephens

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