The 7 Best Viral Marketing Examples

4 Steps To Plan Your Successful Online Marketing Goals & Objectives

The definition of a successful marketing campaign will be different for everyone. Brian and The Brian Carter Group can provide you with strategy audits and recommendations, manage and maximize your Facebook ads and help you build out your marketing funnels and content, amongst a host of other services Fill out the form to contact us for more info and a complimentary 15 minute phone call to discuss your situation and goals.

The goal of marketers concerned in creating successful viral marketing programs is to create viral messages that appeal to individuals with high social networking potential (SNP) and that have a high probability of being accessible and spread by these individuals and their competitors in their communications with others in a short period of time.

Whether you are a student who wants to learn the basics of digital marketing, a working professional who wants to re-acquaint yourself with the basics or a business owner who is just getting started with digital marketing, this article will be your step by step guide to set up and implement a successful internet marketing strategy.

Consumer behaviors analysis views the consumer as another variable in the marketing sequence, a variable that cannot be controlled and that will interpret the product or service not only in terms of the physical characteristics, but in the context of this image according to the social and psychological makeup of that individual consumer (or group of consumers).

Search engine marketing ( SEM ) – a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization (both on-page and off-page) as well as through advertising (paid placements, contextual advertising, and paid inclusions).

The Founders’ Weekend email campaign takes a more a fun-forward” approach that features pictures of the product experience: Giant Jenga, food trucks, a cool girl DJ (that’s our Jess Erickson, by the way), pillows ready to be hurled at other people, and a logo for the 500 Distribution team that’s doing an AMA at the conference.

The modern marketing concept (Houston, 1986) unites these two meanings and stresses that marketing encompasses the range of organizational functions and processes that seek to determine the needs of target markets and deliver products and services to customers and other key stakeholders such as employees and financial institutions.

James E. Stephens
James E. Stephens

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