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Top 5 Predictions For Retail & Consumer Industries In 2016

Just when I was set to unplug for the weekend… this nugget of news hit my inbox: eCommerce Industries, Inc (ECi) has acquired FMAudit , LLC, a managed print services specialist in Jefferson City, Mo. This is the second major merger or acquisition involving managed print services so far in 2011. Fit Online , a fitness equipment seller, took on the task of addressing this challenge — rewriting all product descriptions into a proprietary format and configuring their website to allow for side-by-side comparison of up to four products at a time.

If you want to start an ecommerce business and looking a great looking template, we have the finest collection of ecommerce landing page templates which consists of both free and premium These templates are designed in such a way that the required changes can be made by few clicks.

To ensure that your team is consistently aware of real-time inventory metrics and how they stack up within the industry, you might considering partnering with an ecommerce fulfillment company that can provide inventory management tools as well as other logistics and fulfillment expertise.

Whether requirements are related to supply chain consulting, warehousing, distribution and transportation, Holisol brings experience, expertise, relationships and innovation on the table, while taking leadership to manage logistics operations as you focus on ‘sourcing and selling’.

Just be sure to keep in mind the all-important rule: Content is king.” Many marketers fall into the trap of writing content for the sake of incorporating SEO keywords, or using keywords way too frequently in one piece of content, making the message appear disingenuous and forced.

He or she can create a sole proprietorship, an S corporation (the S” refers to a subchapter of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code), or an LLC (limited liability company.) Taking no action will, by default, result in the creation of a sole proprietorship.

The goal of keyword research for eCommerce is to find the best keywords that tell your potential customers and search engines what the website is about, with an end result of the website being indexed as close as possible to the top of the search engine results page for those chosen keywords.

Combination airfreight carriers are facing another challenge from railroads, says IATA, which notes in a recent report that Hewlett-Packard opted to send computers bound for the European market on a 17-day rail journey from its manufacturing site in China rather than booking a flight.

In additional to managing and optimizing delivery fleets — it claims its customers increase their first-time deliver efforts by 22 percent and save 2.3 man hours per staffer per day — FarEye includes analytics that can predict the best locations for a hub, optimal transportation types, and forward-looking business and logistics forecasts.

Startups are currently being built around Facebook Commerce (Social) Commerce, ranging from white label stores (al la Payvment) to analytics (al la AddShoppers) – an ecosystem rising around trends supports it’s current position in the product lifecycle and state of diffusion – it’s happening now.

Although it accounts for just a small percentage of total retail sectors presently , eCommerce Business is growing extremely fast and is expected to increase by 45% in 2016.” This is great news for entrepreneurs looking to enter the digital realm of business before the market becomes too saturated and competitive to even get noticed.

BENGALURU: India received $6.6 billion in venture capital and private equity investment in 2015, a 50% increase from the previous year, which probably contributed to a steep growth in the gross merchandise value for ecommerce companies, Morgan Stanley said.

Let’s also say that whatever SEO, SMO or PPC strategy you’ve used (or not used) is successfully driving traffic to your ecommerce site, and that when those potential customers have clicked through to your homepage, or landing page, you’re confident that it ‘looks good’.

Ideally these instant updates will come in the form of synced inventory quantities, so that as soon as a sale comes in that would lower a quantity of a particular SKU to zero, the inventory management system will automatically feed that information back to your various marketplaces, thus removing out-of-stock items from online selection to prevent overselling.

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