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E-Commerce is a very dynamically evolving industry and this is primarily because of its underlying ever-changing technology. So if you sell baby clothes, you might build your content strategy around long-tail keywords like roll tide onesies” and red lacy baby dress.” Though there aren’t as many searches for those terms, there’s also less competition, so you have a better chance of being found.

Then there are also non-essential or non-core items that have seasonal sales such as festival decorations or holiday-specific food supplies.Through effective inventory management ecommerce, you can ensure there is never a shortage of the core items and non-core products are ready for sale during their seasonal demands or in lesser quantities all year round.

These factors where Best-in-Class businesses outperformed all others remedy the two factors explained earlier that affect whether a potential web shopper makes a purchase or not: product assortment (inventory mix) and in-stock inventory (safety stock setting).

Sellbrite is powerfully-simple cloud software that enables you to easily list and sell your products on multiple sales channels, control and sync inventory, manage and fulfill orders, and access the multichannel reporting intelligence you need to be successful.

Despite the importance of properly managing inventory, it is estimated that nearly half of small businesses fail to track it. Tracking, measuring and forecasting inventory should be the number one priority for any business that sells goods, above even customer service.

Because as long as the traffic being driven to the page through is high-intent — meaning the keywords aren’t set for the general camera” audience but instead is targeted (or retargeted) at people further down the funnel — pushing for a purchase is fine.

The list goes on and on. Even if the keyword phrases listed above don’t appear intact (that is, there are a few words between them), that’s still enough context for search engines to figure out that you can probably deliver wedding cupcakes to a party in Pennsylvania.

While we definitely recommend hiring a professional, if you’re thinking of designing on your own, but don’t own or can’t afford the most expensive programs out there, there are a number of affordable vector design programs you can use to create your vision for your brand logo.

Interestingly, this widening of the market is taking place in the tier II and III cities of India, which means that these emerging ecommerce markets are also bringing with them a need to establish logistics and analytics centres, further widening the scope of the industry.

Successful e-commerce depends on adopting new logistics models and utilizing distribution properties that may include mega e-fulfillment centers, parcel hubs and delivery centers, local ‘urban logistics’ depots for rapid order fulfillment, and returns processing centers.

PEC trains its clients on every aspect of running an ecommerce business as well as product vendor procurement but also Search Engine Marketing, which is so critical to your success, and what separates you from your competition despite the competitive environment.

From case studies that lift the lid on operations inside leading retail organisations, to workshops and collaborative sessions that focus on real challenges and future technology innovations; the NG eCommerce Summit Europe provides you with plenty of reasons to engage and network with industry peers.

The JV agreements were signed in Shanghai with 360zebra Group represented by chief executive officer Tom T. Lu and executive vice-president Lanny Zhong, while PKT Logistics Group were represented by group chief executive/managing director Datuk Michael Tio and chief financial officer Augustine Lee.

In 2013 only 4.5% of the Top 500 Internet Retailers had a responsive website, while 70% of mobile searches finalized with an action in less than an hour Customers should land on well designed, responsive websites, with an interactive design, so they don’t have to go through the hassle of browsing through products on a site that isn’t mobile friendly, not with so many other competitors to choose from.

This real-time functionality allows you to automatically update inventory so that out-of-stock items are removed from all of your online channels to avoid over-selling, while at the same time, automatically republishing these products as soon as new inventory is received.

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