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Dr. Loy has a Ph.D. in Resource Economics; master’s degrees in economics, human resources, and safety; and has taught masters and doctorate level courses in statistics, research methods, economics, and management. When used effectively, ecommerce Internet marketing allows the company to be easily found on the Internet, convert targeted traffic into customers, create more repeat purchases, and serve as a tool for analyzing how the company’s marketing dollars have contributed to increase sales and profitability.

Our strategists perform wide-ranging research that include an in-depth investigation of your website’s analytics, keyword research, back-link portfolio analysis, competitor analysis, and so on. This research is then utilized to outline a clear set of campaign recommendations and guidelines for online growth.

This can be contrasted with a business B2B sales funnel which can happens over the course over numerous months, with website visitors entering in at the top of the funnel, becoming leads by filling out a kind, being supported through an e-mail campaign, then eventually reaching out to a salesperson to sign an agreement.

The Duke University Digital Media & Marketing program has provided a solid foundation – not only as a detailed how-to” for utilizing the diverse digital marketing tools available today, but also a greater understanding of the history and industry trends that continue to shape this rapidly changing field.

After you’ve gotten the traffic, the next most important thing is the conversion rate You might get millions of people towards your website, but if you fail to get any actual purchases and subscriptions out of it, there is just no use of it. That’s why you need to measure the effectiveness of your website based on the conversions that you are getting.

Small companies that play in niche markets in which buyers and sellers and dispersed geographically, they can use the internet to reach a bigger customer basethe with the help of internet transaction processing can be easily done especially for complex orders by reducing paperwork, increasing efficiency replacing professional tasks hence reducing the transaction costonline payment reduces the processing fees.

Since statistics show there are more than three billion Internet users surfing the Web worldwide, it’s essential for businesses to hire digital marketers for improving brand awareness, learning consumer preferences, boosting website traffic, connecting with loyal customers, and enhancing their profitability.

In year 2000, of the total population only 5.8% were the internet users but in year 2005, the percentage of users increased to 15.7%. In the year 2010 of the total world population the percentage of internet users was the year 2012 the percentage of internet users were recorded 34.3% of the world population.

During the past decade, the design of web technologies, and the internet platform, evolved to allow more interactive, participative, real-time experiences – creating a new version of the World Wide Web, known popularly as Web 2.0. Characteristic of Web 2.0, is the opening-up of websites that now allow users to create, upload and share content.

Landing pages represent a moment of truth” in your online marketing process; they serve as a point where your website visitor must decide to open up his wallet and become your customer, in an E-Commerce environment, or become a lead (or travel further down the sales funnel if he already is a lead) by registering for your content offering , in a B2B scenario.

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