Online Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Guide & Examples

The 30 Most Genius Content Marketing Examples Of 2015

Over the years we have seen a variety of business strategy models being implemented by marketers. The most crucial part of your marketing process is that, now more than ever, you need to seek out a internet marketing expert for needs such as: SEO, website design, website development, content marketing, social media marketing, banner ad campaigns, re-targeting campaigns, reputation management, e-mail marketing, local and national promotions, etc.

When you first start out, your results will leave you wanting more, but the true power of content marketing and SEO is their ability to scale exponentially over time; rather than giving you linear results, as with paid advertising, every new piece of content you produce will hold a lasting, semi-permanent value for your brand in terms of web real estate, referral traffic, and domain authority.

About time too, since I was involved in developing the syllabus as an examiner for the first IDM Diploma in Digital Marketing back in 2004-5 when the term was hardly used at all – so it’s been great to see ‘Digital Marketing’ adopted as the ‘de facto’ term, when I was first involved in defining it with the IDM students in 2004!

If you’ve studied marketing in the 40+ years since E. Jerome McCarthy originally wrote his classic Basic Marketing, then you’re familiar with the 4 Ps of Marketing.” It’s a neat and memorable classification system of the various controllable elements of the marketing program portion of your internet marketing plan.

Designed to support the growth of future Internet marketers, the Internet Marketing Scholarship is awarded for up to $1,500 annually for one United States student and one international student interested in completing the esteemed Planet Ocean Communication’s online training coursework in social media marketing, SEO, and/or reputation management.

By creating a complex backstory about a synthetic beverage that enabled vampires to live among humans,” HBO and its creative partner, Campfire, were able to tap into an existing community of horror aficionados and organically build an audience that made True Blood one of HBO’s most anticipated and successful show debuts.

Apart from the courses listed above; there are various courses available on online learning sites like Udemy , Udacity , Coursera and Gyaanexchange If you are a self-learner keen on understanding the digital marketing space, there are various blogs , articles and real time case studies available online.

Unlike mass marketing, which succeeds in piquing the interest of local audiences through ads in newspapers, radio spots and billboards, internet marketing allows you to cultivate a more personal connection with consumers around the world, delivering valuable content through low-cost, personalized communication.

James E. Stephens
James E. Stephens

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