Dropping Guerrilla Marketing Examples

7 Examples Of Marketing Applications Of The Internet Of Things Which Are Here Now

For many of us, finding the time and commitment to develop an Internet marketing strategy is difficult. With the average smartphone user checking their phone approximately 150 times a day, social media is the no 1. reason for doing so. From regular, engaging posts and interaction with your audience, to clever advertising campaigns – Monkeyfish can manage your channels to grow your business and make your brand social!

First founded in 2007 as a digital marketing agency that specializes in shopping feed management for online retailers, CPC Strategy pays forward its success by offering $1,000 annual scholarships to talented, ambitious college students seeking to develop their digital marketing interests in the rapidly growing eCommerce industry.

Short explainer videos can be used on websites to explain your product/service to your consumers, they can be used as case studies to show what your business can accomplish for others, and for SEO purposes as Google’s 2013 hummingbird update has given preference to websites that contain videos alongside other forms of content.

The two words Geo targeting (in internet marketing) and geo marketing are the methods to determine the physical location of a website ie (GEOLOCATION) visitor with geolocation software, and delivering different contents to that visitor based on his or her location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code.

You could spend a small fortune monthly by separately purchasing a marketing system for each company you represent (if your company even offers one), but with your own MyiSystem, you can finally have all of the tools you need to promote your different opportunity…all at one very low monthly cost, or even FREE!

James E. Stephens
James E. Stephens

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