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Company Description: ECi is a leading provider of business management & e-commerce software for growing & mid-size companies in niche markets. Through Facebook Insight, you can also determine the reach and engagement rate of your ads, which helps you determine the correct formula involving posting time, content, and audience for your posts and which posts get your landing page the most visits and conversion.

Ecommerce website design is indeed a very lucrative and profitable career, if one is proficient and skillful enough to deliver quality and neat projects at all times, such a person is sure to turn on the buttons to his success through this very appalling and interesting profession.

Google Analytics by Fooman for Magento : In Magento 2.0, many SEO functions are built directly into the CMS, but some functions for Analytics, like integration with Google Tag Manager and revenue tracking, amp up what’s already a powerful tool for e-commerce heavy lifting.

You should use this if: your business has multiple channels, complex operations like a combination of drop-shipping, just in time fulfillment, and internally fulfilled products, or if you need to further customize your multichannel inventory management solution.

Setting up an elaborate infrastructure and system for e-commerce requires huge investment and effort, but you can skip it. With the increase in e-commerce, many companies have started offering services such as payment collection and logistics to online retailers.

This technology, available on certain eCommerce platforms (AgilOne, Emcien, Windsor Circle, Rich Relevance, etc.), promises to be very lucrative for retailers, but even more so in the B2B sector, where orders are larger and sales cycles are often more laborious.

Zalando is a giant; so if you are a beginning online store owner from the same niche – fashion/clothing – know that you won’t beat it. You can find your place in the market even next to such giants by targeting less competitive and longer phrases (long tail keywords), which bring less traffic but are much easier to rank.

Make sure that you get your Christmas and New Year online advertising campaign up and running at the start of the Christmas season, this will mean that your campaigns will get the most exposure during the season and your campaign will naturally be more successful.

James E. Stephens
James E. Stephens

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