Commerce Industry In 2016

Commerce Industry Likely To Touch $38 Billion Mark In 2016

The Indian ecommerce industry has been looked at as one of the most exciting and fastest growing industries operating in the Indian economy. Despite the expected correlation, there were a few interesting numbers to pop up. Merchants with up to 500 products, for instance, are willing to pay as much as $2500/year for their solution, though most pay between $300-$900.eCommerce merchants with 500 products are willing to pay up to $2500 for their eCommerce solution!

Global logistics is changing now, e-commerce has disrupted the industry and changed things while mobile penetration increasing means expectations of consumers have shifted,” Nahata, who started FarEye with Gautam Kumar (COO) and Gaurav Srivastava (CTO) in January 2013, said.

By consolidating information about your marketplaces and warehouses, and minimizing human error by integrating your inventory software with scanner technology, you can eliminate many of the problems that plague eCommerce and start maximizing your revenues.

However, I understand that the easier it is the better, and avoiding keywords whose SERPs contain such domains is a time-saving rule of thumb, so I’m going to adopt this method from now on. I hope there’d be another post like this in the near future for further analysis of Perrin’s researched keywords.

Over the next week we will cover the evolution of e-commerce logistics and how supply chains have changed, what options you have for charging your customers freight costs when setting up a new online store, the rise of eCommerce by manufacturers, distribution companies, and the industrial space, the role of reverse logistics in e-commerce, and conclude with the coverage on the role of e-commerce in a multi and omni-channel world.

At present, the country’s logistics industry is worth $300 billion, according to the ‘Logistics Market in India 2015-2020′ by market researcher Novonous In fact, the report states, Indian logistics market itself is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 12.17 per cent by 2020 Innovations are very important in this sector, as the demand is always for more reach and faster shipping at lower costs.

Look for opportunities to build new pages, better optimize titles and meta attributes to target language around the specific attributes of your products, and leverage your available technology to create new category and sub-category pages where appropriate.

Also if you use a Magento website, the integration can be done instantaneously through the Fishbowl inventory management you prefer another option, you can use Fishbowl current imports and exports to exchange large amounts of data between Fishbowl and your shopping cart or website.

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James E. Stephens

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