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A Strategic Insight Into Ecommerce Inventory Management

Morgan Stanley in its latest report estimates the India’s etail business to touch $159 bn by 2020, but slowing private equity money could threaten valuations. So, we’re going to run through 10 keywords and I want to list out the top 5 current ranking websites as of December 2016, and then I want to talk about what pattern I’m seeing across all these results that I think over 90% of them will hit this pattern.

Order management services are a critical component of customer service – enabling internal communications within an organization and facilitating collaboration among trading partners to ensure that all customer orders are fulfilled and delivered when promised.

On facts similar to yours, a foreign LLC with real property in Montana and agents in Montana for day-to day business was held to be doing business in CA because the real property-purchasing negotiations were conducted by California-resident members as was a loan transaction between the LLC and one of its members.

To make sure your UVP is clearly emphasized and seen on your homepage, above the page fold you need to add in some short bullet points explaining it and your benefits (in particular the top reasons to use your website instead of competitors), with a compelling title.

For separate channels, manage different warehouses and inventory records or you might end up messing it. If a product is out of stock and any of the channels fail to update it, a customer might order the product and you are left with no option but to inform them later that it’s out of stock.

The need to deliver items quickly—on time or same day delivery — due to the popularity of CoD, has compelled the logistics industry to change from traditional logistics support to handling the new and nuanced logistics requirements of e-commerce companies.

Instead, if your landing page is going to rely on video — especially in the hero section — then either embed the video directly into the page itself (with autoplay turned off) or give your Play Video” button affordance : that is, make it big and really, really, really clear it’s a play button.

A very interesting example of a keyword specific landing page is of the edgy Australian apparel store – BlackMilk Clothing , that has created theme based landing pages for popular movie and TV series such as the Batman or the Game of Thrones franchise, that their quirky designs are based on.

The hierarchy of page elements and information is well structured and focuses on the basics: a logo, a hero shot that combines a clear headline, a short description of the reason for and benefits of the product/service (in this case a webinar) and a lead capture form to gather visitor data.

That’s actually not a problem at all, the focus keyword should just be the head term, i.e small/medium/large or 50cm/60/cm/70cm or 10/11.5/12 are all product attributes not the product keywords so for example if you’re targeting size 11 mens blue loafer you want to focus long-term on loafer, mid-term on mens loafer (as this is more core than the color – this is the actual physical object) and short-term on mens blue loafer.

Automation plays a big part in the eComm Log Hub – beyond the fully automated parcel sorting system on the first floor of the facility, the second floor warehouse is also automated, resulting in the entire eComm Log Hub being integrated end-to-end from the eCommerce front-end platform to delivery.

Keeping up with this information isn’t the most exciting part of running a business, but inventory management mistakes can lead to unexpected stockouts, shipping errors, oversells, loss of customers, and even your store being suspended from marketplaces.

CREATORS: Lizzie Chapman (CEO), Priya Sharma (CFO) and Ashish Anantharaman (CTO) were colleagues at British digital lending company and had travelled to India in 2011 to scout for business opportunities for it. Their research gave them enought reason to start their own venture in 2015.

James E. Stephens
James E. Stephens

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