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While we can’t deny that social media is a heavy contributor the viral buzz of the Internet, it may be insufficient as a primary marketing tool for many small business.  Still, I’m confident that a majority of those users are on the free plan and not paying the company any money in exchange for the benefits of the service, which makes me wary that RescueTime is just amassing data on its users to sell to other companies (this is a key objection they might want to explicitly address on the website).

Jargon-free, even if you don’t know anything about marketing, the online world or basic business principles, this book will help you make a start, whilst if you have some understanding or are well-experienced, you’ll still pick up ideas and practices that will improve your knowledge and effectiveness.

This is in stark contrast to traditional marketing where it’s harder to track who actually switched to another channel when your commercial came on, who took the time to read your ad in the newspaper or how many actually opened the direct mail you sent them vs. how many were left unopened after you had sent them.

I have well over 3,000 contacts from my vendors, clients and prospects database and rolodex(yes I have one still in my archives) from my marketing agency business, but I can not use them yet, as I have to need to invite each one of them individually to opt-in to my email list if they want to remain on my email list due to the Canned Spam Act.

Viewing the tactics we use in online marketing and advertising through the lens of the traditional sales funnel allows us to prioritize costs and energy (based on where are customers are in the funnel), draw up sales projections (using lead qualification based on the funnel), and visualize more simply the wide array of marketing and advertising tools available to us online.

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James E. Stephens
James E. Stephens

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