7 Ecommerce Inventory Management Best Practices You Should Follow

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E-commerce had a standout year in 2015, when it grew in size — from $5 billion to $8 billion — and pervaded every aspect of our lives. Dropshipping – a form of logistics outsourcing which is based on IT integration between an online shop and the goods provider who takes over logistics services from the seller. Therefore, scalability of the graphic design based logo is crucial and it should be legible for mobile shoppers. That’s the reason often ecommerce websites change their site layouts & adding landing pages with promotional offers. One of the most requested templates at LeadPages has been an e-commerce page where our users can sell their products.

Design of eBook image shows professionalism: By having a nicely designed cover you show that time and effort went into it’s creation (as opposed to a boring plain white cover). Your headline should immediately tell your potential customers what the landing page is all about. The ability to organize inventory and keep track of stock reduces the risk of lost sales and disappointed customers.

It is better to revisit the drawing board multiple times at the early stage of your business, rather than live under the shadow of a poorly or incorrectly designed logo and a badly-thought out brand identity. In addition, you can set the page title and meta data (and URL) on a page-by-page basis, again via the Admin Panel on the individual category and product pages in the catalog. Remember, your logo is the face of your company – the single most important aspect of branding – so put a lot of thought and effort into creating the perfect design. To ensure no discrepancy in the prices, discounts and products you used in your ad or link, use them again on your landing page.

So if you optimize one of your ecommerce category pages around the keyword bamboo cutting board with handle”, you’ll have a good shot of leapfrogging the competition. Your visitors have come to that page for one specific thing, and dammit, they’re not leaving without it! Inventory management on Amazon marketplace will also allow you to set replenishment alerts (or reorder points) so that once the listing’s quantity hits your threshold, Amazon will send you a Replenishment Alert email. After you have worked on your on-page SEO (including usability), it’s important to put a testing and optimization strategy in place. Include a short sign up form to encourage the user to fill it out – Visitors don’t want to spend too much time on a single page.

Simply put, inventory management is the vital process of ordering raw materials required to manufacture and package products, tracking items in stock, and reordering items which are below a certain stock level, in a timely manner. Ask the manufacturers or a consultant for advice if you need it. Look for one that links to your accounting and payroll software and any other relevant systems. I’m not saying to throw out keywords that should be used across several titles, such as your brand or the brand of the products – I’m simply talking about not optimizing titles for the same category and product-level keywords.

One of the best ways to optimize your ecommerce store’s conversion funnel is to create content-specific landing pages that deliver clear messages and persuade your target audience to purchase. All this intelligence opens new vistas for intuitive, un-assisted ecommerce to happen. There are many technology based inventory management solutions available to online business owners these days. Our state of art automated solutions help you save money, time and sweat through 24/7 monitoring and issue management. When your product shows up on search results, Google will bold the keywords in the URL, so searchers know what to expect when they click on your link.

You can also engage in partnership with a third party to manage responsibility for collecting the combination products from different sellers, pack it, and ship it. Your inventory remains intact and your customer satisfied. The company logo will become your identity and will be used on stationary, business cards, packaging etc. Removal of unnecessary use of warehouse space used by unneeded part of inventory. Google Keyword Planner – this is the standard tool that you can use to find keywords to rank for. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has held talks with a number of start-ups before its India foray.

Your business inventory management software must provide you all the solutions necessary for the nature of your product or your ecommerce retail store. With eCommerce evolving at a rapid speed in India, logistics is becoming a key support factor in the success of both the existing and new entrants. You don’t need just any good inventory management software but the right software for your business needs. SEO encompasses many tactics but the underlying principal is that you’re helping Google and other search engines better understand what your ecommerce site is about and what it sells. If your prospects land on a relevant page, they are more likely to browse the contents of that page. This one’s a nice example of a logo that can work anywhere, not just for eCommerce.

Note: Some of the negative keywords provided may not be relevant to your campaigns, so be sure to use your discretion when adding any of them to AdWords. It’s great to add some in-depth customer success stories with in-depth analyses of how you’ve helped your loyal customers, but these are perhaps best kept on a separate page; you should stick to short snippets which can be read at a glance.

You want to see which of the keywords you chose actually get traffic, and what kind of competition there is for the keywords. Ecommerce website owners need to add meta tags to all of their product pages to get the best results. These variations are managed using a unique SKU and inventory numbers for each variation. Though applicable to only relatively smaller operations and occasionally tiresome and what feels like a waste of important time, he stresses that done correctly, it becomes an essential element for risk management for the company. Keyword research: Keyword research is one of the most important pieces of the SEO puzzle. Incorporating or forming an LLC allows you to offer shares of ownership to potential investors.

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